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Aloeveralands Blog 

What is the aloe vera?
General information about the aloe plant

What is the story behind the aloe?
History of the aloe from Cleopatra to Hildegard von Bingen

Where does the aloe plant grow?
Aloe Vera growing areas

When is an aloe leaf ready for harvest? 
Ripe of the aloe plant

What are the ingredients of an aloe plant?
Ingredients of an aloe leaf

What can you do with an aloe leaf?
Using an aloe leaf

What recipes and processing recommendations are there?
Recipes and processing recommendations

How do i fillet an aloe leaf correctly?
Fileting a fresh leaf for processing

How can aloe contribute to the acid-base balance?
Acid-base balance with the help of aloe

What types of aloe are there?
a diversity of nature

How is an aloe leaf structured? 
Structure / cross-section of an aloe leaf