Skin cream


aloe vera skin cream

Due to a particularly high concentration of active ingredients, the skin is optimally cared.

This allows the skin to regenerate better.

Only high-quality ingredients are used

- natural oils
- Plant extracts
- vitamins

Preservative free - cruelty free

Aloe Vera / Macadamia Skin Cream (50 ml)

Aloe Vera / Macadamia Skin Cream (50 ml)

EUR 32,00

0,5 100 Milliliter / EUR 64,00 pro 100 Milliliter

incl. 20 % VAT excl. shipping costs

Aloe Vera skin cream (Macadamia)

with the ingredients of Aloe Vera combined with the essence of macadamia for face and body - makes the skin fresh and smoothy.

Try for you selve and feel the difference.