Aronia - Ingredients and Uses

Our aronia juice is gently pressed with the latest technology from 100% fresh aronia berries and bottled without additives. Aronia juice naturally has a dry, slightly bitter taste, but is a deliciously refreshing drink that cleanses the mouth and quenches thirst at the same time. The natural aronia juice owes its health benefits to the high concentration of effective plant substances, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is an excellent, natural fruit juice that effectively protects cells from oxidative stress. Because of its high concentration of active ingredients, 60 to 100 ml are sufficient for daily needs (e.g. for one liter of good mineral water - to also take into account the minimum daily need for water)
Ingredients and main effects of the aronia berry
With the aronia berry, we take in a piece of original food, which activates the powers of the inner doctor and reminds him of his ability to heal himself. Above all, it is the polyphenols - the bluish-red dyes, e.g. the anthocyanins, which generally improve blood quality, promote blood circulation and strengthen the immune system (anti-inflammatory); They also bind free radicals from the water and the air, as well as from improper nutrition and from the unnecessary stress that we often cause ourselves. Even more effective - in the same direction is the precursor of anthocyanins, which are abundant in aronia, - the oligomeric procyanidins, or OPC for short. Due to its strong detoxifying effect, OPC can eliminate allergies and immune deficiencies much faster. The OPC not only stimulates the finest blood circulation to the maximum, but also activates many vitamins, most strongly vitamin C with its diverse tasks in connective tissue. *

Tabelle ├╝ber den Vergleich der Konentration von Anthocyan in diversen Beeren
Gallic acid is a tried and tested remedy for inflammation of the mucous membranes! * Ellagic acid has proven to be a natural cancer prevention, especially in the large intestine. * The aronia berry provides all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, e.g. Iron, iodine and zinc. Of the fat-soluble vitamins: provitamin A, E, K, - the water-soluble vitamins: B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, H, biotin and folic acid for the important blood formation as well as the transport of oxygen and its utilization.
Research results
The aronia berry impresses with its strong blood circulation effect, v. a. on the sensory organs (eyes, ears and the entire nervous system. Nutritionists have also observed this in other plant substances with the blue-red pigment - the betacyans. In the last 20 years it has become clear that the polyphenols in particular have an effect on the intestinal flora and metabolism In addition, anthocyanins seem to balance imbalances in the brain metabolism. * Regensburg researchers were able to demonstrate a certain antidepressant effect. * There is now enough scientific evidence that suggests the connection between cancer and a denatured diet. Recent research shows that the plant substances, including the anthocyanins of the aronia berry, which significantly reduce the risk of cancer and large research contracts have been awarded to elite universities in this regard. * Also in Poland and Russia, where the most intensive about the regenerative effect of the aronia after radioactive Radiation exposure was researched, the aronia impressed. This shows that the aronia berry has a universal effect, in which every organ system is ultimately included.
Walter Binder - book tip: "Aronia, Aronia die Powerbeere aus der Eiszeit" - science discovers biovital substances in a small miracle berry
Positive application experience
Bowel diseases (tendency to diarrhea and constipation) *
Poor eyesight *
Stomach sensitivities *
Cholesterol disposition *
Liver and gallbladder diseases *
If you have a depressive tendency *
Skin diseases, allergies *
Diabetic disposition *
Heavy metal pollution *
System for high blood pressure *
Tendency to thrombosis *
Bronchial affections *
Bladder and urethral susceptibility *
Flu-like infections, sensitive to colds *
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy exposure *
* See also: "Aronia, the power berry from the Ice Age, by Walter Binder"
Examples of use of the berry and tips:
Mix not-from-concentrate juice (if the juice is too "furry", dilute it with spring or good mineral water, tea, pomegranate juice or apple juice). As an addition to jam (nice red color, fresh) or as a fruit sauce for game meat dishes. Dried or parched berries are particularly rich in OPC Elder berries can increase the effectiveness of aronia berries.
Info about the plant itself:
approx. 3 m high
frost-resistant down to minus 30° C
Flowers white, autumn colors, bright red
Soil: no waterlogging and not extremely dry, undemanding
Largely pest resistant, does not require any spray!
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