FAQ - Aloe Mixture

 Aloe Mixtur - Honey Zirbe
What is the aloe mixture?
The Aloe Arborescens Mixture is a mixture of Aloe Arborescens fresh leaves, honey and pine schnapps, based on the recipe of Father Romano Zago.
How does the mixture taste?
Since the mixture consists largely of honey, the mixture has a mild honey-stone pine taste with a fine tart aloe note.
Which ingredients are contained in the aloe mixture?
Our aloe mixture is a purely natural product, which we prepare with organic honey and pine schnapps from the Salzburg Land region and organic fresh leaves from southern Europe. The mixture is a pure fresh product without additives or stabilizers.
Are organic products used in the production?
The components of the aloe mixture are from organic farming. We not only pay attention to the quality, but also to the size of the respective company that supplies the respective products.
How does the mixture work?
The mixture has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the immune system, supports the stomach and intestinal cultures.
How should you use the aloe mixture "Honey Zirbe"?
We recommend taking one tablespoon 3 times a day before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This is also the recommendation that Father Romano Zago gives in his books. The most important thing is regularity and constant consumption (until the bottle is empty).
How long should you use the aloe mixture?
Father Romano Zago describes the amount of a bottle (700 ml) as a "cure". For a healthy person, it is recommended to use it once or twice a year. However, if you use it several times, you should take a break of at least 1-2 weeks between the treatments. Father Romano Zago, however, differentiates between prevention and illness and writes in his books that the mixture should be taken in case of illness until one is healthy again.
How does the treatment work?
In principle, you should listen to your body and perceive the signals it is giving you.
The best way to do this is when you are keeping a food journal. In this way you can also see which dishes or ingredients are good for you or even lead to intolerance.
We would be happy to print out a corresponding copy for you and include it with your next order. If you wish, please let us know by email or the contact form.
Which fresh leaves are used?
For the preparation of the aloe mixture we use fresh leaves of the “Arborescens” type from controlled organic cultivation. The plants are about 8 years old and have grown optimally from the degree of ripeness.
Why is honey used?
In addition to its good properties (anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-allergic), honey has the effect that it serves as a carrier for the ingredients of the fresh leaves, so all good substances go where they are needed. In addition, the honey gives the aloe mixture its pleasantly sweet taste.
Why is the mixture only freshly prepared after ordering?
The fresher the ingredients, the more nutritious the final product will be. Therefore, our mixture is not older than seven days when it is sent.
How long can the mixture keep?
As already mentioned several times, the aloe mixture is a purely natural product without any additives or stabilizers. We guarantee a maximum shelf life of 3-4 months when refrigerated. Once opened, however, it should be used up quickly within 4-5 weeks. We strongly recommend keeping it in the refrigerator during storage and use!
How does the aloe mixture work?
The aloe mixture has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the immune system and supports the stomach, intestines and intestinal cultures. When do I get my aloe mixture? After your order, the mixture is freshly prepared and then sent. You will usually receive delivery within 4-8 working days (from the order date).