Why should you keep a food diary?

The food diary is a valuable aid for improving eating and drinking habits.

If you keep the diary regularly, you will receive important data about your eating and drinking behavior and can use this to change any negative habits for the better.

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We recommend keeping and using the food diary as often as possible, but we have to use it primarily for taking the aloe mixture according to Father Zago.

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Why can a food diary be so valuable?

Keeping a food diary requires being honest with yourself above all else.

The dates and entries should be as regular and accurate as possible.

This is important because the more and more precisely you collect data, the better you can ultimately evaluate it in order to obtain information about any one-sided eating habits and possible deficits. In addition, this also represents the optimal basis for initiating changes in eating behavior.

For taking the aloe mixture, the diary is interesting for you to see how you felt during the cure and how (or whether) the intake helped you.

The advantages of a food diary in brief:

☘ A self-reflection of your own and current eating habits over the past few weeks

☘ Information about unusual or unwanted reactions of the body to certain foods

☘ Basis for avoiding and changing dietary habits that may not be optimal

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions about using the food diary when taking the aloe mixture.