Sebastian Kneipp and his teachings

How can the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp support us in everyday life?

Sebastian Kneipp - der Wasserdoktor
"Everyone wants to be healthy, but not live healthy!"

Sebastian Kneipp
(May 17, 1821 - June 17, 1897)

Sebastian Kneipp was a pastor in Bavaria who dealt specifically with natural remedies and the effects of water on the body.

Numerous works come from him, such as my "Meine Wasser-Kur" (from 1886) or "So sollt Ihr Leben" (from 1889). In these works he meticulously describes the benefits of water and herbs for the human body, as well as their numerous uses.

He also wrote a recommendation on how we should live on a "Fünf Säulen Modelll" as a valuable basis for our wellbeing.

These pillars consist of the following areas:

  • Water
  • Plants
  • Move
  • Nutrition
  • Balance

The application of the five areas in their diversity is the challenge. A certain amount of compensation is needed. Too much and too little is not worth striving for here. To be equated with the quing and quang in Chinese, it is the wise masterpiece of the Kneipp five-pillar theory to use the applications optimally in terms of their number and duration. "The master shows himself in the selection of the applications to be taken," says Sebastian Kneipp.

From my own experience, I would like to mention the five points that have already helped me in my life:


How important water is for our body is not only shown by the fact that we consist of approx. 2/3 of this element. And wouldn't survive three days even without water.

But water can have different effects on our body due to its temperature or consistency.

Eg: Sauna - here the body is influenced by high temperatures - a blessing for many a stressed body.

Everyday stress can drain the soul and the body. Recommended if you then spend a relaxing evening in the sauna.

For example: treading water - here water has a cooling effect - and thus promotes blood circulation, for example

After a mountain tour, I can only recommend a cooling bath in a small lake to everyone, not only that my body regenerates faster, it can make some sore muscles weaker or even completely.

It is of course also important to drink enough water. And here again not quickly in large quantities, but spread over the day.

Tip: Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and quickly replenish the fluid depots lost during sleeping in the night.

Plants (medicine)

Everyone knows that herbs have a certain effect on our body.

However, very few people know how to use them correctly.

Here, people usually reach into the medicine cabinet too quickly. Sometimes it is not necessary at all if you look at Sebastian Kneipp's teachings on botany.

My motto is not always to take medication for every ailment, but first to see what nature has in store for us.


The saying "who rests, rusts" is quite appropriate for this.

The only way to keep your body fit is through movement. But here, too, it should be noted that this should be done carefully. Not too much, but not too little either!

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