How can you use a aloe leaf?

Verwendung eines Aloe Blattes

The aloe plant contains an abundance of ingredients ready for our bodies. You can get fresh aloe leaves directly from us on a regular basis.

The big advantage is that you get pure nature.

So no preservatives or preservatives or other chemical agents.

So what can you do with a fresh leaf?

With the Aloe Fresh Leaf you have everything that makes an Aloe product. With the Leaf gel can be used to prepare skin gels, creams or smoothies. Pure and without any additives. You can find recipes for your own production under the following link or on our Facebook page. Aloe was already used as a medicinal plant in ancient times, for example for burns, skin irritations or insect bites.

1. Apply directly to the skin 

It is a relief if you apply the aloe leaf gel directly to the skin after a long period of sunbathing or an annoying mosquito bite. In addition, it gives a shot of moisture and a refreshed feeling on the skin. To be able to apply or rub the gel directly onto the skin, simply cut off a piece of the aloe plant and divide it in the middle. Then apply the gel evenly to the skin. The gel is quickly absorbed and promotes the regeneration of the skin through moisture and a variety of vitamins. The advantage is that you do not apply any chemical ingredients to the skin, but pure nature. In addition, there are records that the natives have regularly cleaned their face with aloe, and so have kept their skin looking young and fresh.

2. Treat skin irritations (such as sunburn)

The aloe leaf gel can be used for sunburns, small burns or other skin irritations. It has a cooling effect and aloe is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties. So you have a natural means for your skin to regenerate quickly. Caring for the skin after sunbathing (even without sunburn) is recommended.

3. Treat abrasions

Similar to sunburn, the aloe can also be used for small wounds. Aloe can support wound healing through the ingredients such as enzymes and minerals.