Structure of an aloe leaf

The following parts can be distinguished from the aloe leaf (rough structure):

Aufbau eines Aloe Blattes

Blattrinde = Leaf bark (outer bark):

... or called the shell, the inner contains aloe gel. The shell is usually separated from the inner leaf gel (the fillet) during preparation or use.

Dornenbesetzer Blattrand = Thorn occupant leaf margin:

... the outer edges of the leaf are covered with thorns and are also mostly not used, although the thorns also contain valuable ingredients.

Aloe gel - leaf gel (aloe fillet):

... or called leaf pulp, is that piece of the aloe leaf that is used in most cases for further processing. It is a jelly-like substance with many important nutrients.

Aloin - yellow juice (anthraquinones):

... divided into A and B, this substance is an aloin-containing tissue on the lower inner side of the leaf, which is used to protect the plant against predators. This aloin substance can lead to allergic reactions, although science has not yet provided exact research results.