Aloe Vera Drinks - 2x Aloe Vera Juice (from Brazil and Mexico)

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Aloe Vera Drinks - from Brazil and Mexico

   • 1 x Aloe Vera Drink - natural aloe vera juice (1 Liter) - Mexico
   • 1 x Aloe Vera Drink - filtered aloe vera juice (1 Liter) - Brazil

Aloe Vera Drinks from Mexico and Brazil

Test our aloe vera drinks at a special price

A natural Aloe Vera juice from Mexico

(in a glas bottle)


A filtered clear aloe vera juice from Brazil

(in a PET-bottle)

Both aloe vera drinks are from Beide Säfte sind aus peeled and pressed leaves of Aloe Vera barbadensis Miller plant which is under certified organic Conditions are cultivated and maintained.

The direct aloe vera juice from Brazil is produced using a special cold pressing process and is bottled with the addition of vitamin C and citric acid.
The aloe vera juice from Mexico is extracted using the usual method bottled prior to heating.

Test the taste of Brazil and Mexico in the form of a natural product of the highest quality.

We offer you both juices at an introductory price.

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Aloe Vera drink from Mexico

Aloe Vera drink from Brazil


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