Aronia juice (125 ml) filled into glass bottles

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product description

100% fruit juice / direct juice from Aroniaberries pressed



Natural and sugar free - A quality product from Austria!

content: 250 ml

Cultivation and production in Austria

The Aroniaberry or also called Black Appleberry contains beside numerous vitamins a lot of biopolyphenols. It is a dark violet (almost black) berry fruit and has a dry, slightly bitter taste (similar to the cranberry) but as a juice a delicious and refreshing thirst extinguisher.

The pressing is done with the latest technology from 100% fresh Aroniaberries and without (!) any additives filled into glass bottles.

The juice contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and contributes daily to the formation of a strong immune system

The brochure "Aronia the Powerbeere" with further information, you can download under Downloads!



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