Aloe vera juice (1000 ml)

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Quantity: 1000 ml

99.80% of fresh-plant juice with vitamin C derived from the filet leaves of the Aloe Vera plant, which are planted and harvested under controlled organic cultivation.

Only the fresh leaves and only the inner fillets (by filleting) are used for the recovery of Aloe Vera juice. The aloe vera leaves are peeled by hand, only the aloin-free above-ground parts of the plant are pressed directly after the harvest.

The pressing itself is carried out as cold pressing, the transparent gel of the leaves being obtained as fresh plant juice. The juice is bottled with the addition of natural preservatives.

In order not to destroy the active plant enzymes and ingredients, the juice is not pasteurized!


Bio Certficate - Award - controlled biological cultivation

Main features of our organic aloe vera juice

- No re-dilution from powder or liquid concentrate, without addition of water, no addition of thickener (eg: xanthanum)

- Without chemical preservatives (such as sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate)

- Natural preservation with vitamin C and citric acid as an antioxidant

- Controlled biological cultivationIn mixed cultures in Brazil - awarded with the organic certificate

- Durability: The aloevera juice is stable for at least 12 months!


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