Aloe fresh leaves mixture from Father Romano Zago

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product description

0,7 Liter glas-bottle (brown glas-bottle) with twist lock

350 g - Aloe arborescensfresh leaves
500 g - Honey
4 spoon sugar cane distillate

According to the original recipe of Father Romano Zago


Bio Siegel - Auszeichnung - kontrolliert biologischer Anbau

Consumption recommendation: daily (3 times about a tablespoonful)
referably about 15 minutes before meals.

At the beginning, the dosage should start with 1 tablespoon. After 3-4 days the normal quantity is about 3 x 1 tablespoon. It is recommended to mix this quantity each time in a glass of water (0.25 l) and then to drink it gently.

Durability: The durability of the Pater-Romano Zago mixture is about 10 months.

Please notice:
We prepare the mixture fresh as required, but it can lead to a slight delay in delivery.


On the application and possibilities of this high - quality natural product read more in the book of

Father Romano Zago 

Aloe ist keine Medizin aber ... sie heilt (von Pater Romano Zago)

"Aloe ist keine Medizin ... aber sie heilt!"